Just make a decision

Does it count when you start a relationship with someone who was cheating since the beginning of the relationship……do any of those days count.  And when that person tells you that they want to be with you but only as a glorified friend with occasional sex benefits, do you continue?  It is hard to find someone that you are comfortable with than anyone…..do you want to be with them even if they don’t care about you the same way?

Nervous Week

Having my significant other or glorified roommate back, is nice.  We still don’t see eye to eye on our relationship but I believe there is a compromise that could be found.  Trying to cross country ski yesterday wasn’t successful and caused him to laugh at me but I should laugh at myself more.

By next week I will be working at a new employer or looking at moving…….if the insurance company does not hire me I will think about moving south.  I don’t know if it will be Kentucky or Nebraska but I hope that one will be my destiny.

Still struggling with emotional eating….trying to watch documentaries that show food in a bad light…..I hope it will help.

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